Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fall Coaches Contact and Week 1 Schedule SY 17-18

From Mr. Cobain:
Sport Coach Contact Information
Girls Soccer
Head Coach Scott Douglas, sadoug4@gmail.com
Boys Soccer
Head Coach Pat Mcguirl, pat4301964@aol.com
Unified Volleyball
Head Coach Patty Carosotto, carofam@verizon.net
Girl's Volleyball

Girls Cross Country
Head Coach Justin Amaral, justinamaral1989@gmail.com
Head Coach Erin Newman, newman.avengers@gmail.com
Boys Cross Country
Head Coach Peter Dion, dion.avengers@gmail.com
Girls Tennis
Head Coach Marc Brocato, eghsbrock@yahoo.com
Football Cheerleading
Field Hockey
Head Coach Deb McMullen, debmcmullen@cox.net
Head Coach John George, jgeorge40@cox.net

Fall Season Starts: Football Starts Thursday 8/10/17
All other Sports Monday 8/21/17
Documents needed to try out: All sports Documents can be found on the RIIL.ORG
Do you have your Physical Updated? (Must have a date that is 8/22/16 or later to play this Fall, After 365 days it expires and a new one will be needed to update your file)
Concussion This document must be completed once every year.
Assumption of Risk Needs to be completed once in your career.

Coming Soon online registration...

8/21 Monday

BS 8am run
BS 4-5:30p grass
GS 7-8:30a turf
GS 4-5:30p grass
FH am cardio/grass
FH 5p-7p turf
FB Scrimmage vs Burriville 7-9
BGXC 8am at Goddard Park
Unified VB 8-10a
GVB 3-6
GT 8-11

8/22 Tuesday
BS 8:30-10a Turf
BS 4-5:30p grass
GS 7-8:30a turf
GS 4-5:30p grass
FH 8am track
FH 5:00p-7p turf
FB 5 to 7 grass, 7 to 8:15 turf
Unified VB 8:30-10:30a
GVB 3-6
GT 8-11

8/23 Wednesday
BS 8:30-10a Turf
BS 4-5:30p grass
GS 7-8:30a turf
GS 4-5:30p grass
FH 8am track
FH 5:00p-7p turf
FB 5 to 7 grass, 7 to 8:15 turf
Unified VB 8:30-10:30a
GVB 3-6
GT 8-11

8/24 Thursday
BS 8:30-10a Turf
BS 4-5:30p grass
GS 7-8:30a turf
GS 4-5:30p grass
FH 8am track
FH 5:00p-7p turf
FB 5 to 7 grass, 7 to 8:15 turf
Unified VB 8:30-10:30a
GVB 3-6
GT 8-11

8/25 Friday
BS 8:30-10a Turf
BS 4-5:30p grass
GS 7-8:30a turf
GS 4-5:30p grass
FH 8am track
FH 5:00p-7p turf
FB 5 to 7 grass, 7 to 8:15 turf
Unified VB 8:30-10:30a
GVB 3-6
GT 8-11

8/26 Saturday
FH Turf IF 8a-noon
FB Scrim. at Pong. 4pm (2 bus)
GS @ EWG IF 8a (no bus)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Reading & Math Packets 2017

Dear Members of the EGHS Community,

Good afternoon. Below you will find links to EGHS summer reading and math packets for the summer of SY 17-18. Students were issued packets prior to the close of school from their teachers, however they can also be downloaded from the links provided below.
We hope you are enjoying the first few days of summer vacation. Have a great week.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

East Greenwich High School End of Year Update 2016-17

East Greenwich High School End of Year Update 2016-17

  1. Chromebook Collection All Chromebooks must be collected by Friday the 23rd. Students and families who know that their District issued Chromebook is damaged can find the current costs* associated with the repair the device in the chart below. Checks can be made payable to “East Greenwich High School”.

Broken screen
Broken keyboard
Broken corner/casing
Broken touchpad
Charger missing
Charger wall cord missing
No Chromebook

*All costs based on existing invoices as of 5/1/2017. Overpayments due to price changes will be refunded once repairs are completed.

  1. Report Cards 4th Quarter report cards will be both mailed and published to ASPEN once all grades are finalized and GPAs calculated. We anticipate this mailing to occur by Wednesday of next week.
  1. Student Schedules SY 17-18 Due to recent events associated with next year’s budget we had to make multiple iterations and changes to the budget and staffing for SY 17-18. Unfortunately, these changes make it impossible for us to issue accurate students schedules before the close of this school year on the 23rd. We plan to mail students and families a copy of their tentative schedule for 2017-18 along with 4th quarter report cards. Instructions for those who wish to make changes to next year’s tentative schedules will also accompany the schedule and report card. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

  1. Withdrawal from East Greenwich Public Schools If any families know that they will not be returning or enrolling a child at EGHS next year, we ask that you please contact Mrs. Sherry Mong at (401) 398-1204 or smong@egsd.net . Providing us with this information helps ensure that we are able to forward the appropriate student records in a timely manner once requested.

Thank you for a wonderful year. Have a great summer.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Reminders for Ivy Day and Graduation 2017

A few reminders regarding Ivy Day tomorrow (1 PM) and Graduation (1 PM) on Sunday.

Ivy Day at EGHS (Friday)
  • Seniors
    • Rehearsal 9 AM
    • Arrival for Ivy day by 12:30 in auditorium
  • Underclassmen- School dismissal 11:37 AM (Grab and go lunches available)
  • Ceremony location still tbd due to changing forecast
    • Rain- Auditorium
    • Dry and No Rain- Courtyard. Feel free to bring folding lawn chairs as seating is very limited in the courtyard.
  • Courtyard/Auditorium open for community at 12:15
  • Ceremony begins promptly at 1 PM
  • Art Show immediately follows Ivy Day in the EGHS library.
Graduation at VETs Memorial Auditorium 1PM (Sunday)
  • Seniors must arrive by 12:15 and proceed immediately to the staging area
  • VETs policies
    • Increased security- cameras inside and out, all bags and packages checked by security, and all persons subject to metal detection.
    • Doors open 1 hour prior to graduation
    • Handicapped seating is available and is first-come-first-served basis.
    • No holding seats
    • Helium-filled balloons are prohibited
  • Parking
    • On street
    • State offices lots
I look forward to seeing you all to celebrate the graduating Class of 2017.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

EGHS Principal's Newsletter Week of 5-30-2017

Principal Michael Podraza’s Weekly EGHS Update
A weekly newsletter with information about upcoming events related to East Greenwich High School
Week of 5-30-2017

Senior Obligations- Chromebooks Collected
In addition to the normal items collected at the end of the year (books, uniforms, etc.) we will also be collecting Chromebooks. If your son or daughter has damaged their Chromebook, you can find a list of repair costs in the second document below. Seniors must have all obligations fulfilled in order to participate in graduation.
Senior Exams, Senior Week Activities, Ivy Day and Graduation Information
Registration Required for Senior Athletic Awards Banquet
Please visit the EGHS Boosters Club website to register for this year’s Senior Athletic Awards banquet. Details can be found by clicking here.
  • 5-30 through 6/2
    • Senior Exams
  • 5/31
    • Mosaic Concert EGHS Auditorium

  • 6-5 through 6/9
    • Senior Week (See link above)
  • 6-8
    • Senior Athletic Awards at Quonset O-Club (See link above)
  • 6-9
    • Ivy Day- Early dismissal for all underclassmen at 11:37. Public may begin to proceed to the courtyard at 12:15. Ivy day begins promptly at 1:00 PM
  • 6-19 through 6/22
    • Underclassmen exams
  • 6-23
    • Last day of school
After seeing such wonderful turnout and a plethora of resources available at last week’s Transition night hosted by the EGHS Special Education department, this week’s Food for Thought is 21 Chrome Extensions for Struggling Students and Special Needs
I hope you had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend. I look forward to seeing you all at our many June events!
East Greenwich High School exists to EMPOWER
We, the EGHS community, strive to empower all members to achieve their full potential as learners, thinkers, and responsible global citizens. We take risks in order to inspire learning and discover passions.

We, the East Greenwich High School community, live our values:
  • Respect: Be considerate of others' ideas and opinions while maintaining personal integrity and self- confidence.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Embrace flexibility and individuality when explaining and demonstrating knowledge and skills.
  • Relevance: Link concepts across subjects and make connections to today's global society.
  • Enthusiasm: Generate excitement and curiosity about learning.
  • Achievement: Work vigorously to obtain knowledge and skills measured against the highest standards.
We hold ourselves and each other accountable to these values in support of our mission.

East Greenwich High School

300 Avenger Drive, East Greenwich, RI, 02818